4 Corporate Gifts That Will Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More

Each year, the Statesman Journal requests nonprofits in the Dallas area to provide them with a 3-item wish list, where the items can be purchased by community members, groups and businesses to help the individual organizations. With this year’s catalogue still set to be printed yearend by local companies for Dallas catalogue printing, the 2016 Catalog Of Giving included items like tables for the Alzheimer’s Network, jackets and toys for children suffering from abuse and vacuum cleaners and paint supplies for the Boys and Girls Club.


Dallas catalogue printing


It is never too early to think about how your company might be spreading holiday cheer at the end of 2017. The following list suggests a few corporate gifts that can be personalized by locals like catalog printing in Dallas, which can extend your business value in a non-cheesy way.


New Year, New Organizer


Anyone working in the corporate field knows you can never have too many diaries or organizers. Even with laptops, portable tablets and smartphones, writing something down still feel entirely more legitimate than panicking last moment when a reminder goes off. Organizers can be requested for binding at your local Dallas catalog printing shops or you can find a recycled paper supplier or choose your own unique covers before sending the, to professionals who offer services of catalog printing in Dallas to be bound and personalized.


Trendy Card Holders


Business cards seem to never go out of style or use, even in an electronic age such as this one. Leaving a card, which you can get supplied from your local Dallas catalog printing or card printing shop, is still considered polite office etiquette to request anything from business lunch pow-wows to a phone call back. Business card holders are still important office accessories which you may be able to get personalized by your local catalog printing services or print shop.


Desk Calendars


A desk calendar is always used if it is there, however people do not really like spending money on buying one. What better way to keep your company name and logo in your client’s visual domain where they spend most of their day than by getting your company emblazed on a desk calendar by professionals like catalogue printing in Dallas. With a plethora of designs to choose from as well as options for a flip calendar, Rolodex and depending on your budget, you can give a gift worth giving this year.


Mobile Holders


What would have been considered a bit cheesy in the age of beepers and oversized portable phones is a gift that keeps giving now? Mobile phone holders can be used anywhere; on one’s desk, their car or even at home. They are mostly needed while charging your phone, however, these days they are most likely placed on the desk to be at a convenient angle for workers to check messages or make hands-free speaker phone calls. These make a charming gift for young clients as well who prefer to take timed selfies rather than buy abhorrently tacky selfie sticks. Check out http://www.dfwprintingcompany.com/catalog-printing.html.


This year, why not surprise your clients a bit earlier or on a random occasion with a personalized gift from your business rather than waiting for the holidays. Every good business knows how much clients love freebies. You can avail printing services from your local printers or search online at sites like DFW Printing Company, Inc.

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