Buying a new bathroom sink and mixer can be daunting. How do you know you which variations of these products suit your bathroom best? Now, you will endure fewer hassles if you know the best materials for sinks and mixers. So, before you shop for bathroom supplies online, we recommend you read the information below.

Best materials for a sink

1. Glass

Glass is a good material if you want an elegant bathroom vessel sink. They’re easy to clean and they can be available in different colours and styles. As for the durability, just make sure to look for tempered glass sink, so it will not easily break.

2. Ceramic

Ah, the timeless, scratchproof, and durable ceramic! You couldn’t go wrong with this material. Since it’s smooth and hard, dirt can’t easily penetrate its surface. Now, when shopping for bathroom supplies online, you can also opt for a fireclay sink, a type of ceramic that is extremely durable and chip-resistant. It even resembles iron cast.

3. Wood

Also, did you know that wooden sinks are now a thing? You don’t have to worry about the water absorption, though. Just make sure to buy a wooden bathroom sink that has been kiln-dried before it was manufactured. This is the process of air-drying the wood, which reduces its moisture before the production.

Best materials for a mixer

1. Chrome

Chrome mixers are elegant additions to your sink, especially if you can buy one with a high lustre finish! Not only does this help the mixer look good, but it also helps resists rust. If you are short on budget, it’s also more affordable than a stainless steel one.

2. Stainless steel

Now, if you have a bigger budget and looking into something that’s longer-lasting, choose stainless steel mixers. If you are also buying a mixer for your kitchen sink, they’re also the better option. Besides being durable, they can also resist corrosion better than chrome.

3. Brass

If you want a mixer that can withstand constant rubbing and moisture, pick a brass mixer. You can also choose a metal mixer with a raw polished brass finish. They are also known to leak less than other materials, and they resist rust well. And when it comes to longevity, brass mixers can last for years.

Other buying tips

1. Avoid “affordable” types of mixers.

If you are especially nit-picky about durability, avoid zinc and plastic mixers at all costs. They may be cheaper, but they will not last long. Instead, choose among the items we listed above. They’re well known to be the viable materials for bathroom mixers!

2. Be specific about your fixtures’ resilience.

These fixtures will be in environments where temperature changes frequently, so consider a fixture’s ability to deal with moisture. Therefore, when shopping for bathroom supplies online, ask the supplier about the fixture’s material inside their finish. Take note: metal or plastic material can be coated with any finish!

3. Don’t forego the design.

We discussed so much about durability. Now, you might think we’re suggesting you just go with the blandest sink or mixer. Absolutely not! Be meticulous with the design, as well; remember, you’ll wake up each day and brush your teeth or wash your face on this sink. You might as well choose something stylish to set your mood for the day.

Buy your sink and mixer from the best

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