People use the energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating to find out which air conditioning (AC) units take less electricity. But it’s best to understand more about EER while finding an AC unit for your Brisbane business property. This guides you to the right commercial air conditioning Brisbane unit which gives great benefits to any business.

Knowing EER and using it while buying a commercial AC unit in Brisbane

The energy efficiency ratio (EER) shows the cooling capacity of an AC unit over its energy consumption. Cooling capacity is expressed in British Thermal Unit (BTU), while energy consumption is in watt. Thus, if a commercial air conditioning Brisbane South unit has 10,000 BTU cooling capacity and 1,200 w, for example, its EER is 8.3.

Using the EER in buying a commercial AC unit

You need an AC unit that would cool a commercial space without consuming too much energy. Look for a commercial air conditioning Brisbane unit with higher EER rating.

However, consider the price and the possible savings it would give to your business. For example, you’re considering an AC unit with 10 EER, but is $200 more expensive than one with 8 EER. Buy the first option if you’re confident of recuperating $200 worth of energy saving within its lifespan. If not, the one with 8 EER is a more practical choice. Take a look at Sun City Air Conditioning

What an AC unit with higher EER offer your business

Yes, energy efficient AC units would help pull down your monthly energy bills. Other than that, it would deliver other significant business perks as well, such as:

Quality and durability

AC units with higher EER are usually much more durable. Thus, you don’t need a new AC unit anytime soon. You don’t have to get repair services every now and then as well. This is another way for such units to minimize operational costs of your Brisbane establishment.

Be sure to find commercial air conditioning Brisbane Northside unit from reliable brand and sellers. This is to make sure of buying quality units with genuine ratings.

Better performance

Such units are also popular for cooling an area efficiently. This offers fascinating comfort for you, your staff and your customers through the hottest days of Brisbane. Moreover, advance AC units usually have proficient control system. This makes it easy to manipulate throughout your operation.

If you offer a cozy environment, expect to attract customers or clients to come and stay in your establishment. And that means better sales for your business.

Lesser carbon footprint

These commercial air conditioning Brisbane units also boasts eco-friendly properties. It doesn’t release huge amount of toxic greenhouse gases throughout its lifetime. That’s great if you’re worrying about the negative effects of AC units to the environment. Moreover, you can advertise about it as well, so more eco-friendly people visit your establishment.

EER is definitely helpful to know when choosing an AC unit for your commercial establishment. But if you’re still confused about certain factors, such as EER calculation and annual energy usage, consult an expert for help. They would point you to the best AC units as well.

Thus, connect with in Brisbane today. They offer high quality units with proficient EER, and commercial air conditioning repairs Brisbane has for business properties.

Having a defective air conditioning unit during the peak summer months is frustrating. Issues in air conditioning Canterbury wide mostly happen right when you want it to work accurately. Obviously, hiring air conditioning technicians will immediately solve the issue, yet in the event that you need to save money on repair cost, you might need to attempt some DIY alternatives. Knowing these basic issues for air conditioning Canterbury wide will help you decide if you have to remove your air conditioning unit or simply have it repaired. 1. Water is Leaking. When water leaks from your air conditioning unit, check the window seals to guarantee that hot air isn’t leaking in or if the cold air is going out. Make a point to reseal around your unit with weatherstripping materials. At times, leaking water is a sign that the unit was not properly installed. Check your manual if the unit is set in the correct position. You can likewise try to tilt it slightly to allow water to run off outwardly. However, after attempting different fixes and you still have the same issue, it is best to call an expert technician in air conditioning Canterbury has today to fix it for you. 2. The Unit Not Turning On. There are a lot of reasons why the AC unit won’t turn on. You need to decide whether you have power throughout the house. If different machines are turned on aside from your AC unit, try to check if the outlet is working. If you have a power tester, you can make some test or try to connect another gadget to the electrical plug where you connect to your AC unit. If the other gadget will turn on, then the issue may be in your AC’s wiring, indoor regulator, switch, selector board or compressor. When this happens, calling an expert in air conditioning in Canterbury is your most logical choice. 3. The Unit isn’t Cooling. This is another common issue. Your Canterbury air conditioning unit may turn on but it’s not cooling the room. There are a lot of reasons why your AC isn’t cooling in any way. Possibly you have a dirty air filter, a blocked condensate drain or you are low on refrigerant. Check if there is ice around the coils or if the outdoor compressor is extremely dirty. It is likely that you may need to add more coolant or the outside environment is just too hot for your air conditioning unit to cool your home. 4. The Unit is Making Strange Noises. It is typical for air conditioning units to make some noise however in the event that its a noise that you don’t recognize, then it may indicate a problem. A grinding noise may imply that there is an issue with the engine bearing or the belt may not be adjusted appropriately and may require replacement. For this situation, it is best to contact an expert technician for air conditioning repair. 5. The Unit Turns Off and then Turns On Repeatedly. An air conditioning unit that doesn’t remain on already indicates a problem. It is likely that the evaporator is dirty or the condenser unit is blocked. You can check the two areas if you see any issue. Most of the time, cleaning may fix the issue but if not, then it is time to call a technician. There is nothing wrong with trying to fix air conditioning problems on your own. Who doesn’t want to save money on costly repairs, right? However, if all your efforts end up unfruitful, make sure you know whom you should call. Save the contact details of your trusted technician that offers the best air conditioning Canterbury wide and have him fix the problem for you.

Storing goods, documents and other valuables in a safe, contamination free environment is important. Most domestic and industrial products require good storage for them to last long and deliver value. Instead of relying on traditional metal or wooden lockers, Quality Lockers, a plastic lockers manufacturer - has a wide variety of lockers suitable for students, customers, as well as staff in industries and healthcare institutions. These lockers are manufactured from high density plastic (HDPE) that has high strength, aesthetically appealing, cost effective, durable and withstand wide range of environmental conditions.

What makes plastic lockers stand out?

Great quality plastic lockers stand out of the rest in many aspects. First, they are resistant to water, acids, chemical and humidity. This makes them free of degradation as compared to wood that swells or delaminates and metal which rusts. They can therefore be used in areas with high humidity and corrosive environments. Secondly, wood cabinets are attacked by a large number of bugs, bacterial, mould, mildew and worms. Plastic lockers on the other hand resist all forms of attack by biological agents.

Plastic lockers require less maintenance and have a long service time before any noticeable change in color. Therefore, they do not need repainting. In addition, plastic cabinets are not dented or scratched easily as compared to metal and wood.These lockers can be cleaned by steam or high pressure water without and damage.

Unlike wood and metal lockers, plastic types resist graffiti, pen marks, stickers, paint and other colorants. They also come in a wide range of colors that can be carefully selected to match the external and interior décor for offices, schools and other establishments. Plastic lockers can also be incorporated with smart locking systems. To get high quality, durable and secure lockers, check plastic lockers manufacturer – They are a step above others in provision of quality lockers with smart locking systems that combine mechanical and digital locking mechanisms.

Applications of plastic lockers

Plastic lockers are superior to metal and wooden lockers. Therefore, they are suitable for office, industrial and domestic applications. In schools, they are used as individual lockers for students and members of staff. In industries and mining stations, workers store their casual clothing as well as safety clothes such as aprons, work shirts, safety vests, lab coats, and protective boots. In offices and industrial centers, plastic lockers are used to store documentation and office files safely. Plastic is non corrosive and impermeable to water, mould and other contaminants that destroy paper and printed works. When shopping for a high quality locker for students, staff and workers; visit plastic lockers manufacturer –

In healthcare institutions, plastic lockers are ideal as storage facilities. Plastic material resists harsh chemicals, cold and moist air, bacterial contamination as well as moulds and mildew. Unlike wood which absorbs moisture and metals which rust, plastic are resistant to environmental degradation and are therefore more preferable.

Lockers can also be customized based on the user’s requirement. The shape, size, color, type of ventilation, single/double units, type of finish (textured or smooth), type of lock, design, engraved logos and other features can be added based on the clients specifications.

When looking through various Perth storage facilities, either for personal or business use, there is often a long list of features to look for. But there is one factor that tops them all: security. You want to choose a facility that is secured and well-guarded. If you are going to assign care and storage of your items to storage facilities Perth WA currently offers, you want to make sure that your items are safe and burglary-free. If you are a small business owner, using storage facilities instead of renting your own office or warehouse space offers huge savings. But if your items end up being stolen, you still get the raw end of the deal. Thus, you cannot over-emphasize the importance of choosing a secure facility.

perth storage
perth storage

It is no secret that not all self storage facilities in Perth WA can offer the same level of security. It is, therefore, your job to evaluate the security measures put in place by the company to protect your belongings. What makes a Perth storage facility secure? Here are some of the features that the facility must possess:

Wall or Fence

This is the most basic security feature that every self storage facilities Perth WA currently offers need to have. A proper fence or wall can keep off unwanted presence near or within the facility. Importantly, the fence or wall should be tall enough so that it could not be easily climbed over. It is also an essential step that can be taken to limit access to the facility, especially for unauthorized personnel.

Controlled Access

In connection with the last point above, the facility must have strict and controlled access. Only the authorized staff should be given access to the storage facilities. Any outsiders should only be entertained at a designated area in the facility. Moreover, the renters of the storage facility must present proof of identity before they are allowed access to the facilities concerned. And even with proof of identity, they should be accompanied by a staff to the space being rented. Or, they should sign documents before the release of items within the facility.

24/7 Security Cameras

This is one of the most useful tools employed by businesses these days. The thing about the use of security cameras is that they serve as an extra set of eyes that the staff would otherwise miss. Moreover, you can also monitor the activity within the facility on a 24/7 basis – something that humans could not possibly do.

Security Personnel

Installation of security cameras is not enough. There should be security personnel at the site to monitor and check to ensure that the facility is safe and secure from unwanted intruders. This is very important in deterring crimes or break-ins whereas security cameras are unable to do that.

Ideally, the best Perth storage facility must incorporate all of the security features listed above. Therefore, you must research and interviews on the facility before you choose them. But as long as the security tools and measures are implemented strictly, you can guarantee that you have made the right choice. For more details, visit at

When talking about iconic and scenic routes in the world, there is one road that is never missing in that conversation: Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. If you are going to visit this part of Australia, you need to look for Great Ocean Road bus tours to take you through the iconic route and see many amazing views along the way. But while there are many blogs and tips available about taking road bus tours in Great Ocean Road, many tourists still have a few questions about the experience.

great ocean road bus tours

What sights are worth of seeing aside from the iconic Twelve Apostles?

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most popular tourist attractions not just in Victoria but in all of Australia. The Twelve Apostles are one of the most iconic images that most people have when talking about the iconic and scenic route. However, this is not the only option available if you take the best road bus tours Great Ocean Road has.  There are several amazing stops along the way that are worthy of exploring a bit more.

When choosing Great Ocean Road bus tours, you need to look for ones that include the following stops: Split Point Lighthouse, Great Otway National Park, London Arch, The Grotto, and The Bay of Islands.

When is the best time to take this road trip?

There is no such thing as best time to hire road bus tours Great Ocean Road currently has. Each season offers a different experience and will also impact how many tourists there are. Winter is the ideal time to take this road trip because there are less traffic and tourists (when compared to other seasons). This is also the whale migration season so there is something to look forward to.

Summer is still the ideal time to go especially if you seek the best weather. However, since this is also the peak season, the prices for accommodations can also go up. Autumn and spring are considered the shoulder season.

Is there a visitor center? 

There is a visitor center on the Great Ocean Road is located on the foreshore of the Apollo Bay. This is the best place to start your journey as you can find detailed information regarding the various attractions and accommodations during your road trip. There is also a gift shop at the visitor center facility, which is the perfect chance for tourists to buy souvenir items.

Where are the best spots for wildlife viewing?

One of the reasons to visit the Great Ocean Road is to spot wildlife in the region. To be able to maximize your wildlife viewing experience, go to Cape Patton Lookout or the Kennett River. Both of these lookout points provide the perfect vantage point so you can view koalas, which Australia is famous for!

Think you are ready to take on the Great Ocean Road bus tours? Go to to find a tour that will suit your schedule and get ready to see the beauty of Great Ocean Road that everyone is raving about!

Moving to a new house soon but dread the thought of packing your belongings? Don’t despair, you’re not alone. Lots of people like you don’t look forward to house moving tasks too. However, you need to get it done as soon as you can. You need to sort which of your belongings would be transferred to your new house and which of them could be disposed of or perhaps taken to another area like a storage facility. These days there are many self storage areas in Australia cities and suburbs that can help you. So if for instance, you’re to transfer to Seddon in Melbourne, you may seek the help of Seddon self storage companies. How do you start packing your stuff for your big move? Here are a few worthwhile tips:

  • Segregate all your belongings – Before you rent out a Seddon self storage space for your stuff, categorize them first to help you determine which items can still be used in your new house and which items could be donated, sold, or taken to a self storage facility. Take out all your belongings in one place and then move them to different kinds of boxes for moving marked with your preferred categories or labels.
  • Get rid of as much clutter as possible – Don’t hesitate to throw stuff that can be considered as clutter already, like furniture, clothing, accessories, or tools that can’t be used anymore. The key is to carefully check each item you have and see if it can still be reused or converted into a useful tool which you may either donate or sell at a garage sale so other people can use it. If not, collect these items and see if you can sell them in recycling centres or junk shops.
  • Use the right packaging tools and equipment in storing your items – Once you have properly segregated your belongings; make sure you have the right packaging tools for them. First, list the kinds of items you have and the packaging tools that you have at your house. Next, visit a hardware shop and ask advice on the best packaging materials to use for different kinds of items like furniture, fragile items, clothing, appliances and more. This way you are able to protect your stuff and you can easily transport them to your new house or at a storage area.
  • Consider renting self storage spaces – Self storage companies offer safe storage options for individuals or groups that need rooms to keep their belongings in. For example, you can ask help from Seddon self storage companies on how to best store extra stuff that you still want to keep but are unable to put in your new house due to lack of space.
  • Get help during the big moving day – Once you have picked out a moving date, ask help from your family and friends or hire a company that will help transfer your belongings to your new house.

Moving from an old house to a new one may be physically and emotionally challenging but with proper preparations, you can make the task bearable. If you’re in search of home moving tools like packaging tapes or cake boxes Melbourne or Seddon area has, go online for some choices. For self storage options, you may want to start by checking out Public Self Storage