Cyclists would never go out of style with the modern, yet flexible, cycling apparel that can come in bibs, shirts, long sleeves, and other types of clothing. Who says that cyclist fashion is boring? To convince you otherwise, Mellow Johnny’s Johnny t shirt is waiting to be worn by professional and amateur cyclists who want to look their very best.

johnny t shirt

Not your regular tee

There are t-shirts meant to be worn for a casual day at the park. However, in cycling, you can’t wear those tees because their not made for sports cycling. A good cycling shirt, like the Johnny t shirt, is recommended by experienced cyclists who have tried wearing the product on a busy cycling day or a small cycling race.

Tips for wearing cycling attire

Here are some tips to wear sport cycling attire with style:

1. Helmet, bibs, arm and leg warmers

Wearing the proper protective attire will shield you from the possibility of getting harmed while on the saddle. In a cycling competition, cyclists need to be a hundred percent readily equipped for the road.

2. Smart resistance trainer

Wear and then train hard. Wear cycling attire again to train hard even better again.

Some professional cyclists would invest in a smart resistance trainer, like the Wahoo Fitness Kickr Snap for tracking their progress in training or in distance measuring that can be seen by pairing the smart resistance trainer to a smartphone.

Before you lookup for a Wahoo Kickr Snap sale online, you must know that a smart trainer device is meant for indoor riding, so it is a practice and can be a mode of entertainment for some cyclists to relive their biking experience in the comfort of their homes. See here at Mellow Johnny’s

3. Cycling shoes and gloves

Cycling shoes vary in specifications based on the brands. Select the best fit for your feet and check for comfortability and safety features before purchasing a pair.

Likewise, the best cycling gloves are found in reputable bicycle stores. You can also look up for reviews online.

Friendly neighborhood cyclists

For everyday cyclists, here are tips where you can sport the “bike lover” look without losing a fashion sense of your personality:

1. A great bike tee

In the sports world, dry-fit fabric or Spandex are popular among athletes, but you can’t find a shirt with likes of a Johnny t shirt just anywhere.

Cyclists love reading cycling quotes that have relatable messages marketed to the cycling audience.

Choosing a cycling store, like Mellow Johnny’s, with a clothing line for cycling will ensure you will have no regrets.

2. A cap to block the heat

Switch your helmet to a cycling cap whenever you’re just out for a ride along the beach or to get a few grabs at the convenience store. Cycling caps also come imprinted with short cycling phrases and in different colors.

When buying a cap, you have to understand what and how cycling is, and you just have to pick the cap that says much about yourself.

3. Good cycling shoes

Cycling shoes are not just there to contribute to how a cyclist looks. They also assure safety because they are specifically made for cycling, unlike normal slippers and sneakers.

Cycling shoe brands, like Shimano or SIDEBIK, are a professional cyclist’s best buddy. You can trust on these names.

Do you think loud noises make your head ache? When you have to deal with the constant use of electronic devices such as earphones and headphones, then you are most likely exposing yourself to various forms of EMFs. Therefore, you need air tube headsets to prevent any more damage.

air tube headsets

Electromagnetic fields radiate from a wide range of devices and appliances, which may become detrimental to your health. In fact, your body cells produce its own EMF in the form of electrochemical signals to communicate to each other. This helps with achieving functionality, thus keeping you in perfectly good health.

So if you are working as a customer service representative at a call centre company, or you are using your headphones constantly, you are wracking your brain with a constant exposure to EMF, thus leading to various health issues.

  1. Cellular Damage

The air tube headsets Australia has to offer prevents you from being exposed to long periods of EMF.

According to Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, a retired professor from the Imperial College of London, electromagnetic fields cause serious biological damage. This disrupts the electrochemical signals, causing irreparable impairment to DNA.

Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones are incessantly emitting short waves and electronic pulsations which can throw off calcium ions from cells, thus making ion channels extremely weak. When it does, this will change your genetic make-up, making you vulnerable to cancer cell formation.

  1. ADHD

Furthermore, air tube headsets can also help people with ADHD. Since excessive exposure to EMF is linked to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, wearing one will lower the chances of worsening this mental condition.

Since electromagnetic fields cause calcium to leak, the cells tend to become hypertensive and send a spurious transmission of neurochemicals. When this happens, normal mental activity will become clouded and random thoughts triggered. Eventually, this ends up with the loss of concentration. Therefore, this type of headphone is highly important especially for children whose brains are still developing.

  1. Headaches and Depression

Wearing the usual earphones, other than the air tube headsets in Australia, are commonly linked to the onset of various types of headaches. Furthermore, several people from different online forums such as Reddit have reported having complained about such symptoms.

This led to Dr Martin Pall’s conclusion of the relationship of EMF radiation to neuropsychiatric effects. The 2016 article published by the Washington State University professor on the Journal of Neuroanatomy has concluded that depression and headaches are relative to electromagnetic field exposure. EMFs are shown to activate voltage-gated calcium ion channels, causing abnormal neural function.

  1. Tinnitus

Another study has found that mobile phones emit radiation which triggers the onset or worsening of tinnitus – an annoying perception of ringing or noise in the ears. Although this is not an illness itself, according to Mayo Clinic, this somehow is a symptom of another underlying condition related to hearing loss, injury, or cardiovascular illness.

These health conditions may come in your way from experiencing life fully. So to prevent any further health problems, it is best to buy air tube headsets Australia companies like Reducing EMF has to offer. With the prevalence of technology nowadays, it is better to keep safe and explore alternatives to wireless technology, lessening your exposure from harmful EMF for better health.

A fireplace is an essential gadget of every home and the importance of this gadget is such that without it, you may not be able to sell or even rent your home. Traditionally, a fireplace was made of bricks and wooden logs were being used to light the fire. But, this is now replaced by a gas fireplace Australia wide. As the very name suggests, in this type of fireplace instead of wood, gas is being used to light the fireplace. In addition to this, the gas fireplace is available in varieties of designs and styles. In fact, recently, an elegantly designed gas fireplace with steel metal framed mirrors and several versatile utilities has been introduced to the market. This fireplace suits every interior of the house and it has higher heating capabilities and it is cost-effective as well.

Flue and ventilation;

Like wood fireplace, even a gas fireplace Australia shops sell emits smoke. Therefore, you must ensure that the smoke is safely let out in the open by making appropriate provision for flue or the pipe. In addition to this, depending on the design of the gas fireplace, you may have to make sufficient arrangements for the ventilation in the room. Sufficient ventilation also helps in the efficient performance of the gas fireplace.

Types of flue:

The flue is available in different varieties like the power flue, conventional flue, direct vent also called as a balanced flue and so on. The technicians will advise you on the type of flue to be installed depending on the design of the gas fireplace Australia residents prefer.

Replicate traditional fireplace:

Normally, a gas fireplace gives out a blue-colored flame as against the yellow flame of the traditional wood fireplace. Therefore, in order to give the illusion of traditional wood fireplace, now exclusive gas logs that are made of ceramic are being used in the gas fireplace. Such a realistic gas fireplace replicates the traditional wood fireplace. The firebox in these fireplaces is exclusively angled so as to provide maximum flame view and also to enhance the efficiency of heating performance.

Several designs and models:

A gas fireplace is available in innumerable designs and styles and you can choose one that suits the interior of your home. You may choose the best fireplace after consulting your interior designer. Further, a gas fireplace is available at an affordable price tag.

Look for Australian standards:

However, irrespective of the design of gas fireplace that you choose, you should ensure the fireplace has been made according to the Australian standards and meets all the safety norms.  In fact, some of the approved gas log fireplaces have been listed on the official website of AGA, IAPMO and SAI Global. See more at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Protect the environment:

Further, you should keep the fireplace properly maintained and ensure that appropriate flue system is adopted to ensure discharge of smoke created by the gas fireplace. You should also ensure that the gas log that is used also meets the standards approved by AGA, IAPMO and SAI Global. Such a healthy fireplace protects the environment of your home as well as the environment of the neighborhood.


Buy a modern gas fireplace and enjoy the elegance of the traditional wood fireplace. But, you should buy the fireplace that has good heating capability and also gives adequate importance to safety. Look for popular manufacturers like the so that the fireplace meets all these requirements.