Easy tips to be in style with your cycling attire

Cyclists would never go out of style with the modern, yet flexible, cycling apparel that can come in bibs, shirts, long sleeves, and other types of clothing. Who says that cyclist fashion is boring? To convince you otherwise, Mellow Johnny’s Johnny t shirt is waiting to be worn by professional and amateur cyclists who want to look their very best.

johnny t shirt

Not your regular tee

There are t-shirts meant to be worn for a casual day at the park. However, in cycling, you can’t wear those tees because their not made for sports cycling. A good cycling shirt, like the Johnny t shirt, is recommended by experienced cyclists who have tried wearing the product on a busy cycling day or a small cycling race.

Tips for wearing cycling attire

Here are some tips to wear sport cycling attire with style:

1. Helmet, bibs, arm and leg warmers

Wearing the proper protective attire will shield you from the possibility of getting harmed while on the saddle. In a cycling competition, cyclists need to be a hundred percent readily equipped for the road.

2. Smart resistance trainer

Wear and then train hard. Wear cycling attire again to train hard even better again.

Some professional cyclists would invest in a smart resistance trainer, like the Wahoo Fitness Kickr Snap for tracking their progress in training or in distance measuring that can be seen by pairing the smart resistance trainer to a smartphone.

Before you lookup for a Wahoo Kickr Snap sale online, you must know that a smart trainer device is meant for indoor riding, so it is a practice and can be a mode of entertainment for some cyclists to relive their biking experience in the comfort of their homes. See here at Mellow Johnny’s

3. Cycling shoes and gloves

Cycling shoes vary in specifications based on the brands. Select the best fit for your feet and check for comfortability and safety features before purchasing a pair.

Likewise, the best cycling gloves are found in reputable bicycle stores. You can also look up for reviews online.

Friendly neighborhood cyclists

For everyday cyclists, here are tips where you can sport the “bike lover” look without losing a fashion sense of your personality:

1. A great bike tee

In the sports world, dry-fit fabric or Spandex are popular among athletes, but you can’t find a shirt with likes of a Johnny t shirt just anywhere.

Cyclists love reading cycling quotes that have relatable messages marketed to the cycling audience.

Choosing a cycling store, like Mellow Johnny’s, with a clothing line for cycling will ensure you will have no regrets.

2. A cap to block the heat

Switch your helmet to a cycling cap whenever you’re just out for a ride along the beach or to get a few grabs at the convenience store. Cycling caps also come imprinted with short cycling phrases and in different colors.

When buying a cap, you have to understand what and how cycling is, and you just have to pick the cap that says much about yourself.

3. Good cycling shoes

Cycling shoes are not just there to contribute to how a cyclist looks. They also assure safety because they are specifically made for cycling, unlike normal slippers and sneakers.

Cycling shoe brands, like Shimano or SIDEBIK, are a professional cyclist’s best buddy. You can trust on these names.