Those Fancy Presentation Folders to Represent Your Company in Workshops and More

Don’t you wish to hand out classy company folders when conducting workshops or seminars? Are you one looking to add value to your already printed promotional materials like brochures? How about this: a striking presentation folder that leaves the right mark for your company’s audience. Choosing a reputable presentation folder printing company is the key to adding an extra level of class, professionalism, and desirability to your company’s profile. Here are some few options to consider when hiring presentation folder printing services.

What’s the Best Printing Option?

Presentation folder printing comes in different designs. Depending on your budget as a company, you may want to consider some options such as:

• Blind Embossing
• Dry Embossing
• Heat Embossing
• Foil Stamping
• Traditional ink folder printing options.

Usually, embossing is seen as eco-friendly, inexpensive and gives a subtle result. However, if you are looking for a shimmery and shiny type of effect, foil stamping is the perfect option.

On the other hand, if you are interested in something crafty and scrappy – for the craft enthusiasts – then dry embossing is your perfect bet. Heat embossing is ordinarily done to customize designs by squeezing and reshaping accordingly; hence, if you are looking for a unique customized design, this is your perfect option. Blind embossing is where the folder is only embossed to add a subtle and muted accent.

Size Matters

When choosing a particular presentation folder printing company, it is important to know how big or small the company is and the sizes that they print. Some of the standard design formats that you can considerinclude:presentation-folder-printing

• 9*12 with straight or slanted vertical pockets
• 9*12 with 2 four inch interior pockets
• 9*12 with 1 four inch interior pocket
• 9*12 slanted or straight single pocket without flaps
• 9*12 with Trifold cover (with 1 four in pocket on the middle panel)

There are so many options to choose from, and you are the determinant of what goes. Take your time to come up with the most suitable design for your firm before settling for a given company offering presentation folder printing services.

Fold Type

How do you know the kind of fold that you should use for your presentation folder? When choosing whether to work with box fold or not, the thickness of the material that will be placed in the folder should guide you. If you are interested in using bound materials that have a spine with a viscosity of more than .5, then a box folder is the perfect option. It should have the space allowance that can accommodate the width.

Paper Type

Considering that you want your presentation folder to be robust enough to protect what’s inside, you need to select the best type of paper. For the best results, 10 point or 12 point covers work best. However, there are some light weight papers including 80 lb cover and 100 lb cover that can be recommended. The resultant design should suit your company’s needs.

Coating Options

When choosing a presentation folder printing company, it is imperative to know whether they have the type of coating you want. The most popular coating choices include:

• Uncoated Paper
• Gloss Coating
• UV Coating
• Matte Coating

When choosing the coating option for your custom presentation folder printing, the paper also matters. Commonly, textured papers, which include laid, linen, woven, and metallic give a distinctive touch to presentation folders. For more details, just visit HTTP://WWW.DFWPRINTINGCOMPANY.COM/PRESENTATION-FOLDERS.HTML.

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