Get High Quality and Versatile Plastic Lockers for All Your Storage Needs

Storing goods, documents and other valuables in a safe, contamination free environment is important. Most domestic and industrial products require good storage for them to last long and deliver value. Instead of relying on traditional metal or wooden lockers, Quality Lockers, a plastic lockers manufacturer - has a wide variety of lockers suitable for students, customers, as well as staff in industries and healthcare institutions. These lockers are manufactured from high density plastic (HDPE) that has high strength, aesthetically appealing, cost effective, durable and withstand wide range of environmental conditions.

What makes plastic lockers stand out?

Great quality plastic lockers stand out of the rest in many aspects. First, they are resistant to water, acids, chemical and humidity. This makes them free of degradation as compared to wood that swells or delaminates and metal which rusts. They can therefore be used in areas with high humidity and corrosive environments. Secondly, wood cabinets are attacked by a large number of bugs, bacterial, mould, mildew and worms. Plastic lockers on the other hand resist all forms of attack by biological agents.

Plastic lockers require less maintenance and have a long service time before any noticeable change in color. Therefore, they do not need repainting. In addition, plastic cabinets are not dented or scratched easily as compared to metal and wood.These lockers can be cleaned by steam or high pressure water without and damage.

Unlike wood and metal lockers, plastic types resist graffiti, pen marks, stickers, paint and other colorants. They also come in a wide range of colors that can be carefully selected to match the external and interior décor for offices, schools and other establishments. Plastic lockers can also be incorporated with smart locking systems. To get high quality, durable and secure lockers, check plastic lockers manufacturer – They are a step above others in provision of quality lockers with smart locking systems that combine mechanical and digital locking mechanisms.

Applications of plastic lockers

Plastic lockers are superior to metal and wooden lockers. Therefore, they are suitable for office, industrial and domestic applications. In schools, they are used as individual lockers for students and members of staff. In industries and mining stations, workers store their casual clothing as well as safety clothes such as aprons, work shirts, safety vests, lab coats, and protective boots. In offices and industrial centers, plastic lockers are used to store documentation and office files safely. Plastic is non corrosive and impermeable to water, mould and other contaminants that destroy paper and printed works. When shopping for a high quality locker for students, staff and workers; visit plastic lockers manufacturer –

In healthcare institutions, plastic lockers are ideal as storage facilities. Plastic material resists harsh chemicals, cold and moist air, bacterial contamination as well as moulds and mildew. Unlike wood which absorbs moisture and metals which rust, plastic are resistant to environmental degradation and are therefore more preferable.

Lockers can also be customized based on the user’s requirement. The shape, size, color, type of ventilation, single/double units, type of finish (textured or smooth), type of lock, design, engraved logos and other features can be added based on the clients specifications.

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