Understanding the significance of EER in buying commercial air conditioning unit

People use the energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating to find out which air conditioning (AC) units take less electricity. But it’s best to understand more about EER while finding an AC unit for your Brisbane business property. This guides you to the right commercial air conditioning Brisbane unit which gives great benefits to any business.

Knowing EER and using it while buying a commercial AC unit in Brisbane

The energy efficiency ratio (EER) shows the cooling capacity of an AC unit over its energy consumption. Cooling capacity is expressed in British Thermal Unit (BTU), while energy consumption is in watt. Thus, if a commercial air conditioning Brisbane South unit has 10,000 BTU cooling capacity and 1,200 w, for example, its EER is 8.3.

Using the EER in buying a commercial AC unit

You need an AC unit that would cool a commercial space without consuming too much energy. Look for a commercial air conditioning Brisbane unit with higher EER rating.

However, consider the price and the possible savings it would give to your business. For example, you’re considering an AC unit with 10 EER, but is $200 more expensive than one with 8 EER. Buy the first option if you’re confident of recuperating $200 worth of energy saving within its lifespan. If not, the one with 8 EER is a more practical choice. Take a look at Sun City Air Conditioning

What an AC unit with higher EER offer your business

Yes, energy efficient AC units would help pull down your monthly energy bills. Other than that, it would deliver other significant business perks as well, such as:

Quality and durability

AC units with higher EER are usually much more durable. Thus, you don’t need a new AC unit anytime soon. You don’t have to get repair services every now and then as well. This is another way for such units to minimize operational costs of your Brisbane establishment.

Be sure to find commercial air conditioning Brisbane Northside unit from reliable brand and sellers. This is to make sure of buying quality units with genuine ratings.

Better performance

Such units are also popular for cooling an area efficiently. This offers fascinating comfort for you, your staff and your customers through the hottest days of Brisbane. Moreover, advance AC units usually have proficient control system. This makes it easy to manipulate throughout your operation.

If you offer a cozy environment, expect to attract customers or clients to come and stay in your establishment. And that means better sales for your business.

Lesser carbon footprint

These commercial air conditioning Brisbane units also boasts eco-friendly properties. It doesn’t release huge amount of toxic greenhouse gases throughout its lifetime. That’s great if you’re worrying about the negative effects of AC units to the environment. Moreover, you can advertise about it as well, so more eco-friendly people visit your establishment.

EER is definitely helpful to know when choosing an AC unit for your commercial establishment. But if you’re still confused about certain factors, such as EER calculation and annual energy usage, consult an expert for help. They would point you to the best AC units as well.

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