Vital Role of Cranes and Hoists in the Modern Industries

Cranes and lifts play a vital role in the modern manufacturing industries. Cranes are available in different varieties like the crawler cranes, gantry cranes, rough terrain cranes and tower cranes and so on. The type of crane to be installed or used in any industry is dependent on the type of object to be lifted and moved, maximum load to be lifted and various other factors. The lifting capability of cranes is such that in Australia one of the ships to shore gantry is capable of lifting 8000 TEUs!

Customized design:

On the other hand, in certain manufacturing industries, like, for example, the automobile industries, gantry with lower lifting capabilities are used. In fact, the manufacturers design the gantry depending on the end use of the crane.

Varieties of Gantry or overhead crane:

As the very name suggests, gantry cranes move on specially erected overhead scaffolding and the object is moved to the designated place. It is for this reason gantry is also called as overhead or bridge crane. Further, gantry is available in different varieties like the electric gantry with cantilever, single and double hoist gantry, semi gantry and double girder gantry. Here again, the choice of gantry is directly relevant to the maximum load to be lifted. Check Millsom for more details.

Used in ports and construction industry:

The gantry cranes are extensively used in ports and also in construction sites. In fact, in the port of Melbourne, the gantry or overhead cranes cater to the needs of more than 3000 ships annually. Similarly, gantry also plays a vital role in the construction industry for moving loads of construction materials from one place to another.

The importance of hoists:

Apart from cranes, you also notice varieties of hoists that are extensively used in manufacturing industries. Hoists popularly called as chain hoists are used for lifting or lowering the heavy materials. The materials to be lifted are securely wrapped with a chain. As a matter of fact, the hoist is normally designed to be operated either manually or pneumatically or by using electricity. Normally, if materials of lower weight are to be lifted, then manually operated hoist is preferred. Such hoists will have a lower price tag.

Types of hoists:

 Similar to cranes, hoists are also available in different varieties like, for example, wheeled hoists, ceiling hoist or lift, stationery hoist, air balanced hoist, electric chain hoists and motorized trolley. Here again, the manufacturers design the hoisting equipment depending on the requirement of the end user of the hoist. Some of the manufacturers of hoists have used chain or fiber or wire rope as the lifting medium. In fact, fiber and wire rope are considered to take more weight as compared to chain.

Comply with safety norms:

 Hoists are extensively used in mines and in certain categories of manufacturing industries. Normally, the manufacturers also undertake to maintain the cranes and hoists and also supply genuine spare parts even at a short notice. Further, it should also be ensured that the cranes and hoists comply with the safety norms according to the Australian standards.

Look to reputed manufacturers:

Keeping in view the vital role played by cranes and lifts in the modern industrial set up, you should buy the hoists and cranes from reputed manufacturers like the Such manufacturers have a wide experience in manufacturing superior quality hoists and cranes to the specific needs of the customers.

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